Debut Solo Single – “I’m Tellin’ You Now”

"I'm Tellin' You Now" session at Black Dog studios in Nashville

Recording at Pete Jacob’s Black Dog Studios in Nashville, TN. Left to Right: Nate Dugger (guitar), Tyson Thaxton (drums), Joshua Zarbo (bass), Pete Jacobs (engineer).

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be releasing my first “solo” single next month! This will be the first time I’ve put anything out to the public under my name, and I’m really proud of the songs and how the recordings came out.

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Texas Flag

It’s been a while since you received my last SongWire, and I owe you an update! Much has changed in my world since the last issue: I’ve gone back to a full-time desk job, we moved home to Texas, and I’m about to release my first solo material as a recording artist, rather than just as a writer.

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SongWire — Can’t Get Over You

SongWire — Can't Get Over You

Can’t Get Over You — Featuring Trysh Hill & Danny Stevens (vocals). Written by Davis Branch, George Irwin & Katie Pappas. Produced by Casey Henderson at Westwood Studios George Irwin at SongWire Studios in Nashville, TN.

Inspiration & Writing Process

“Can’t Get Over You” is a song that has taken a bit of a journey since Davis Branch, Katie Pappas and I got together in Davis’ basement with his dog, Reagan (not credited), to write one morning. The process always gets started a little differently: we might pitch song titles to each other, someone might start playing a progression or a riff that inspires someone else to start improvising lyrics, or someone might have a first line ready to go. Or one of the writers may be in the midst of experiencing some strong feelings that we talk about and shape into a song.

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SongWire – A Girl That I Used To Know

SongWire - A Girl That I Used To Know

A Girl That I Used To Know — Featuring Mark Leach (vocals). Written by Davis Branch, George Irwin, Mark Leach & Josh Withenshaw. Produced by Josh Withenshaw at Laughing Heart Studios in Nashville, TN. Cover photo by Shaina Hedlund.

Inspiration & Writing Process

One of the romantic depictions of the songwriter lifestyle is described as front porch pickin’… which is exactly how this song started out. Read more →