Like so many campers from Camp Crucis, in Granbury, Texas, a love for the songs we sang was imprinted on my heart as an adolescent. That love is still present and is synonymous with the love that I hold for the people that I became close to there and for the place itself.

Though there are various recordings of many of these songs, I wanted to put together a little tribute to some of my personal favorites. I have been absent from the camp in my adulthood, and I suppose this is one way I felt I could give back. It’s my hope that others who have similar nostalgia for the songs sung at Camp Crucis can enjoy these recordings as well as anyone who might appreciate a contemporary folksie rendition of these classic Christian songs.

Finally, if you like the record, donating a few bucks will help me pay royalties to the songwriters, and any profits realized after expenses will be donated to Camp Crucis!

Digital Download – $3