"I'm Tellin' You Now" session at Black Dog studios in Nashville

Recording at Pete Jacob’s Black Dog Studios in Nashville, TN. Left to Right: Nate Dugger (guitar), Tyson Thaxton (drums), Joshua Zarbo (bass), Pete Jacobs (engineer).

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be releasing my first “solo” single next month! This will be the first time I’ve put anything out to the public under my name, and I’m really proud of the songs and how the recordings came out.

It was so fun to get back into the studio and crank it up with a live band playing together to track these tunes, and I’m glad they’re finding their way out into the world. I didn’t think these were right to pitch to other artists, but wanted them to be heard, so I’m putting them out myself. The radio-friendly single is “I’m Tellin’ You Now,” which I wrote with Lee Starr, and it’s accompanied by two more rock-oriented B-sides, which were solo-writes.

Tracklist and Credits

I'm Tellin' You Now - George IrwinI’m Tellin’ You Now (Super-Single)

  1. I’m Tellin’ You Now (G. Irwin/L. Starr)
  2. The Tightrope (G. Irwin)
  3. Lean Into the Heartache (G. Irwin)


Bass by Joshua Zarbo (Spoon, Monahans), Track 1 drums by Tyson Thaxton (Ray Fulcher), Tracks 2 & 3 drums by Will Marsh (Lauren Ashley & the Trainwreckers), Guitars by Nate Dugger (Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors), Vocals, rhythm guitars and keys by George Irwin. Engineered by Pete Jacobs & Melanie Bresnan. Mixed by Pete Jacobs & George Irwin. Mastered by Jim Wilson. Produced by George Irwin at Pete Jacobs’ Black Dog Recording in Nashville, TN. Portrait by Eryk Lugo, collage and cover art by George Irwin.

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