Don’t Mess with Texas

My songwriting buddy @bradleybanning just released this instant Texas classic. If you’re from Texas, you should really have a listen. iTunes – Spotify – … #songwriting #texas #nashville #bradleybanning #texascountry

SongWire — Can’t Get Over You

SongWire — Can't Get Over You

Can’t Get Over You — Featuring Trysh Hill & Danny Stevens (vocals). Written by Davis Branch, George Irwin & Katie Pappas. Produced by Casey Henderson at Westwood Studios George Irwin at SongWire Studios in Nashville, TN.

Inspiration & Writing Process

“Can’t Get Over You” is a song that has taken a bit of a journey since Davis Branch, Katie Pappas and I got together in Davis’ basement with his dog, Reagan (not credited), to write one morning. The process always gets started a little differently: we might pitch song titles to each other, someone might start playing a progression or a riff that inspires someone else to start improvising lyrics, or someone might have a first line ready to go. Or one of the writers may be in the midst of experiencing some strong feelings that we talk about and shape into a song.

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SongWire – A Girl That I Used To Know

SongWire - A Girl That I Used To Know

A Girl That I Used To Know — Featuring Mark Leach (vocals). Written by Davis Branch, George Irwin, Mark Leach & Josh Withenshaw. Produced by Josh Withenshaw at Laughing Heart Studios in Nashville, TN. Cover photo by Shaina Hedlund.

Inspiration & Writing Process

One of the romantic depictions of the songwriter lifestyle is described as front porch pickin’… which is exactly how this song started out. Read more →

SongWire – Cozy

January 2016 SongWire - Don't Buy Me a Drink

Cozy — Featuring Olivia Frances (vocals). Written by Olivia Frances & George Irwin. Produced by George Irwin at SongWire Studios, Nashville, TN.

Co-writers & Inspiration

Olivia Frances and I met at a BMI new writers mixer shortly after I moved to town. She had just moved to Nashville, too, to get a better picture of the music industry during her gap year between high school and college. Read more →