Texas Flag

It’s been a while since you received my last SongWire, and I owe you an update! Much has changed in my world since the last issue: I’ve gone back to a full-time desk job, we moved home to Texas, and I’m about to release my first solo material as a recording artist, rather than just as a writer.

While I felt like I was on a good trajectory to finding a real career within the Nashville songwriting machine, it was too demanding for me as a husband and father. Dixie and I wanted to be closer to family (we both grew up in D/FW), and when she found an ideal job waiting for her in Dallas, we decided to make the move. Everything just lined up. I took a job at UT Dallas, our house sold quickly, we found a good school for Oliver and a little apartment to rent. So here we are!

Despite having left Music City, I’ve found myself re-invigorated and inspired by the move, and have been enjoying writing and recording for myself as an artist here in Big D.

That said, I do have some other…

Exciting News

A Big “Hold”

As soon as we moved away from Nashville, I found out that I have a co-written song on hold for a Luke Bryan cut. Any of y’all heard of him? This is a big deal for me, but there are plenty of songs that get put on hold that end up not making the record for one reason or another. Think of it like the Cowboys making the playoffs. It’s great to have made it this far, but we still have to win the super bowl! This song isn’t a typical Luke Bryan party song, so… fingers-crossed! More about this when and if he actually cuts it on his next record.

Back in the Studio

Aaaaaaaand I’m back in the studio in Dallas, working on my next release with Zach Balch and his roster of local hot-shots at Flint Creek Recording Co. I’ll keep you posted about that, but let’s get this first one out first, right?

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