Christian Americana EP – "Crucis"

Like so many campers from Camp Crucis, in Granbury, Texas, a love for the songs we sang was imprinted on my heart as an adolescent. That love is still present and is synonymous with the love that I hold for the people that I became close to there and for the place itself.

Though there are various recordings of many of these songs, I wanted to put together a little tribute to some of my personal favorites. I have been absent from the camp in my adulthood, and I suppose this is one way I felt I could give back. It’s my hope that others who have similar nostalgia for the songs sung at Camp Crucis can enjoy these recordings as well as anyone who might appreciate a contemporary folksie rendition of these classic Christian songs.

Finally, if you like the record, donating a few bucks will help me pay royalties to the songwriters, and any profits realized after expenses will be donated to Camp Crucis!

Digital Download – $3

Dang, Nashville is Pretty

Random Nashville Driving

This is actually a terrible photo from somewhere in Nashville.

Dixie and I are starting to get settled in to the apartment and are figuring things out here in this foreign land. We really enjoyed our short visit back to Dallas over the weekend to visit family for Easter, but it felt good to come home to the new place last night. I loved seeing the hills out of the plane window as we approached the airport here; it feels so different from Texas. Especially North Texas; Austin at least has hills. And everything up here is so green! I love Texas with all of my cells, but the climate there rarely agreed with me, so aside from all other aspects of this move, this is at least a nice experiment in new geography.